Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day Two (and proud!) :)

Hello to all!  This is post number two!!  WooHoo!!  I am still trying to fix the glitch on my page when you first open it.  I do not know why it goes through three or four of my blog pages in random, quick succession before ending on this blog.  If anyone can tell me how to fix that, I would greatly appreciate it! 

So, a little more about this blog.............

First of all, thanks to my friends and family for following me.  I feel SO popular!  :D  lol 

 I am hoping to learn how to get more followers and start building a good network of crafting friends----maybe even buyers of my creations!  THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!  Again, if you have any ideas on expanding my following, please let me know.  (I already know the obvious---post some of my work!)  :D  I will get to that over the next few days and weeks.  Right now, I mostly just have Christmas stuff and NO ONE wants to see Christmas stuff right now!  I AM CHRISTMASED OUT!  I am still vaccuming up fake pine needles and probably will be for months!!!  We need a new tree and say every year we will purchase one at the after Christmas sales--and every year we are broke after Christmas and can't buy one.  We then console ourselves by saying it will look okay for one more year.  Wonder if anyone else does that?

I am not a tree hugger by any means, but I do like to use and reuse items, when I can, in my crafting.  I have done that for years!  I was raised to be frugal and frugal I am.  (Not the peel apart the 2-ply toilet paper to one-ply and re-roll the paper on two rolls kind of frugal.  That's a bit extreme for me.)  But I do like to reuse jars, boxes, clear heavy plastic, etc.  I am noticing MANY Pinterest posts now, reusing, recycling, upcycling, (you get the idea) everyday products and making new useful items with them.  Yep, I have done that MANY, MANY times for years............I AM THE TRENDSETTER!!  :D lol  (At least I like to think I am!)  OH! By the way, you should follow me on Pinterest---as soon as I figure out how to link the button here. :D

I LOVE to shop at Thrift stores!  I was raised on Goodwill and homemade clothing.  When I was a kid--waaaaay back--it was shameful to have gotten something from Goodwill.  Embarrassing. Disgusting. I remember worrying that someone would recognize something of theirs on me, when I wore it to school, and say something and I would be completely humiliated.  Now, it's posh, chic, even cool to buy from thrift stores and be proud of it.  Funny how time (and economics) changes things.  I always say, "Let the rich guy buy the namebrand item, wear it for a month and donate it where I can buy it for a quarter of it's original price and wear it  (or use it, whatever the case) for much longer."  Now, I ask, Who is the smart one here---the rich person or me???  :D  Anyway, I digress.........Thrift stores have SOOOO much to offer in the line of crafting.  You just have to think out of the box.  So, expect some of that too on this blog.
Out of the box crafting.  I plan on making something today......if I complete it, i will post photos tomorrow.  :D  

Well, enough for now.  I tend to ramble on and on and on..........  Stay tuned for more and invite friends to jump on board here and follow too!  :D

Now......GO CRAFT!!!! 

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