Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year--New Opportunities

WOW!  It's been awhile since I last blogged.  Life just caught up to me and overran me and I just couldn't (or didn't) find the time to blog. 

Hoping your Christmas and New Year's celebrations were as family oriented and  fun-filled as mine!  I was able to see all my children over the holidays and any mom will tell you, there is no greater gift than to be able to spend time with your adult children. :)

I am not sure the direction my life will be taking over the next few months.  I am at a fork in the road in my life (otherwise known as mid-life crisis) and I need to make some big decisions.......

First of all, because my heart really wasn't in the selling of the Close to my Heart products I represent, I thought about quiting.  I was actually down to the last two days of being a consultant, when I saw the new catalog and decided I would give it another go. For some women, this is their livelihood, their business, their income and they work it that way.  For others it is just to get the pretty little extras at a discounted price.  I haven't really figured out what it is for me.  I LOVE the product, I LOVE to papercraft, but I HATE to sell. I felt like the love of crafting was being overridden by the stress to sell X-amount of dollars of product, by a certain deadline, to stay in the business.  I feel like I am pestering my friends and forcing them to buy my product, just so I will leave them alone.  I don't want to be like that, so I just sat and waited for customers to come to me----didn't happen.  So, I need to figure out an angle where I can continue to LOVE papercrafting,  while selling beautiful papercrafting products.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.  I am open to all resonable suggestions! :)

Secondly, with finances being as tight as they are for our family, I am considering a job out in the "real world".   Jobs are scarce, and my experience is limited, and my confidence is on the low side, so this has been a difficult issue to tackle.  I'm sure some of you understand that.  :)

However, I figured with the new year, there can be changes.  New doors to open (or close), new friends to make, new activities to learn, new risks to take................I'll keep you posted on how that all goes.  I do have a couple ideas up my sleeve.  Right now, I am just taking inventory of my strengths and weaknesses, wants and wishes, talents and well, lack of talents, then I will make my decision and move on. I must move on.  I have stood still for far too long and become stagnant.

In the meantime,  I will continue to sell Close to my Heart products.  You will LOVE all the new papers, embellishmanets, fabric and more that is crammed into the 2013 Spring/Summer catalog.  Customers can begin purchasing product on February 1st. Here's a sneak peak of something from the new catalog!

Right now we are offering a very nice constant campaign product for Valentines. (spend $35, get the kit for $10----it's valued at $40!!!) Pretty good deal and darling kit!

Also, be sure to check out our January Stamp of the month. It is gorgeous! As usual, spend $50 and get it for $5, or purchase it for $17.95!



Check my link often in the next few weeks and click on the "while supplies last" button. Soon, there will be some AMAZING deals on the current 2012 Fall/Winter items. ;) Just make SURE to click on the JOIN button near the bottom right hand of the screen before you begin to look around and order!! 

Well, here's to a GREAT new year ahead!  And here's to good changes for us all!! 

Now, go craft!  ;)

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